Happy Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Day!

Back when I started this bad blog over ten years ago, Vladimir Guerrero was still playing ball. Now, there’s a second generation; generational talent making his big league debut. Vladito arrives Friday up in Toronto, if there was ever a day to claim Canada as a baseball fan, this would be it.

Few prospect debuts I have looked forward to so much – particularly because I enjoyed pops so damn much as an Expo. Maybe you remember this legendary post, but you probably do not.

That said, here’s a great read from our friends at Baseball Prospectus about Vladito from his humble beginnings as a prospect. Some of those so humble that; the fuckin guy liked hitting balls into a house as a youngster.

Toronto did extensive research on Vlad Jr. before pledging its entire international bonus space to one player, but was also plenty familiar with him.

“They have a house, like a four-story house behind left field,” said Ismael Cruz, who led Toronto’s international scouting at the time.

“The field is like 300 feet to left field, but this is a 14,15-year-old kid hitting the fourth floor of that house. He was really enjoying it, too. Everyone would stop to see him hit.”

Some things haven’t changed.

Of course, there’s an extensive read about his scouting report over there. We won’t repost that. It looks like the first guy he will get a look at is Mike Fiers.

Here’s a bet that Vlad Jr. cracks his first big league hit tomorrow night up at Rogers Centre/Skydome/whatever the Hell they’re choosing to call it these days. Let the good times begin.