Dodgers Record For Runs At Home: I Was There

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So, this may have been my favorite live game I’ve ever attended. The magic was in full effect on a Thursday night in Los Angeles, and I was there to see it. Ironically, I was TWO rows back in section 306 (RF Pavillon) of the exact seats that my wife and I sat in my very first night at Dodger Stadium last June. That should have been enough for me to realize that something very special was going to happen.

The Dodgers set a record tonight for Dodger Stadium with 21 runs scored. Cody Bellinger got hot for me as I arrived in Los Angeles with a Grand Slam off the right field foul pole, and drove in five runs.

Is there a better place in all of the game; or sports, to watch sports? Dodger Stadium is just unbelievable!

Before first pitch, Cody Bellinger was the starting center fielder. And he was going to have a big night on this August the 2nd night in Southern California.

It was Kershaw day. I think this was the fourth time I’ve seen Kershaw throw live, and second time at Dodger Stadium. Six innings, seven strikeouts, and improved to 5-5 on the year. He actually took the back seat in this one, but was quite solid.

Manny Machado went 1 for 3 and was pulled early. Still good to see some of Manny’s first games in Los Angeles.

Christian Yelich OWNS the Dodgers. Glad to see this guy leave town. Three more knocks and a bomb tonight for Yelich, who is up to .321 on the season. We haven’t seen the last of Christian Yelich this season, these teams will meet again. He slaughters any Dodger pitcher in his path.

Here’s Cody Bellinger before his grand slam, stepping in the box for something *HUGE*.

Well lookie here, Scott Boras is in the park with me yet again. And I’ll be damned if that isn’t Pat Sajak next to him of Wheel of Fortune fame.

Brian Dozier has two games as a Dodger – I’ve seen them both. He has homered in each of those games. Dodgers fans are going to love this guy. And it seems like he loves being in Los Angeles.

Cody getting ready for the big one. He would homer off the right field foul pole. Absolutely awesome moment to see live. This was the second homer I’ve seen him hit live and first at Dodger Stadium.

Max Muncy started the game at first base. He got in on the act: doubling twice and scoring two runs.

Cody Bellinger wrapped up the game at first base. He is close to setting the all-time record for a Dodgers player in terms of appearing at first base and outfield in the same game. It’s becoming an every night occurrence. Whatever keeps him in the lineup.

Tweets Of Note:

I met Joe Davis last night. Not a better guy in all of sports.