Tips To Win At Baseball Betting

The MLB season is a long grind and most casual bettors simply don’t have the patience to win long-term. Make sure you use these tips to ensure you have the best chance at turning a profit during the upcoming season.

#1 – Set-up and fund multiple sportsbook accounts

Why wouldn’t I bet with just one sportsbook? While that would simplify things, multiple accounts are necessary if we want to get the best odds on the baseball games we want to bet on.

With MLB you want to find bookies that offer dime lines (-105/-105) on money line and over/under bets. The standard $.20 line is more common, but you’re leaving a lot on the table by not betting into reduced juice lines.

#2 – Work on clearing the sign-up bonuses

MLB handicappers can earn $1000s annually just by clearing sportsbook bonus offers. When you open a new account you’ll be able to claim a sign-up bonus. An example would be a 100% bonus for up to $500 on your first deposit.

Every season most bookies will offer reload bonuses to get you betting again with them. I’ve also seen other promotions where you can get reduced juice in games where your favorite MLB team is playing.

Always research a bookie before accepting a bonus because once you deposit you’re locked in until the bonus is cleared by meeting a wagering requirement. If the bonus seems to go to be true, it likely is and should therefore be avoided.

#3 – Understand all of the MLB betting markets

The common straight bets (ML and O/U) receive the most action and are therefore the toughest lines to beat. There are dozens of baseball betting markets and you only need to master one market to make a great profit.

In baseball you’ll run into a lot of big favorites (-150 or higher odds). Rather than risk $150 to win $100 on a favorite to win straight-up, you could bet on the run line at much better odds, but the team has to win by 2 runs (-1.5 run line).

There are also MLB markets to avoid. For example, you don’t want to get hooked betting in-play props. You can bet on every single at bat in a baseball game in-play, but there’s no way you can find an edge betting these types of props.

#4 – Learn what to look for when handicapping

Nothing is more important than pitching in baseball. Whenever Clayton Kershaw is on the mound, the Dodgers will be betting favorites, it’s that simple. However, even aces lose games. With baseball it’s important to look at stat splits (IE: home/away or day/night). Look at pitching vs. batter splits as well when handicapping.

Some pitchers struggle against certain teams or when playing in a certain ballpark. These trends are easy to determine if you put in the time. Where the game is played (ballpark) and the weather can play a big role too. All baseball bettors know that Coors Field is a hitters ballpark and runs are rarely at a premium.

Injuries and rest are important to consider as well, as well as research about best betting sites. Injuries are easy to find out about, but rest is tougher. Due to the long season, baseball players are rested regularly and will miss multiple games every year. You need to know if a big slugger is out of the line-up or if a team’s closer won’t be available because he threw too many pitches the day prior.