MLB Network Presents: Only In Hollywood

MLB Network Presents came up with a beauty when they produced ‘Only In Hollywood’ about the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers.

This was my favorite installment ever produced by the network. Narrated by Bryan Cranston, the story perfectly shows how the entire magical season was built for a silver screen and could only take place in the greatest city in the world.

I was actually given the opportunity to view this early, so I watched it (about six times) weeks ago. Tonight the world saw it – following a 5-3 Dodgers win on a picture perfect day at Dodger Stadium.

With the All-Star break, there were no games scheduled tonight so players could make their respective travels. The baseball world was still and for a moment, the Dodgers ended the first half in first place (.5 up on the Arizona Diamondbacks).

It was a perfect ending for Dodgers fans, and this documentary was produced and made absolutely to perfection.