See You In One Month, Los Angeles

It’s officially July, and in one month I’ll be back in Los Angeles. It’s hard to believe, but I get to go back to my favorite city in the world and see possibly four to five Dodgers games.

It’s important that the team remains in contention here in the month of July. They sit two and a half games back of Arizona and chasing first place. I’m hoping when I get out there some similar magic takes hold as it did last June.

The problem is, other than meeting my buddies from over at Dodgers Nation; I don’t have a ton of plans. A lot of the things I plan to do are the things I did last trip. Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Griddle Cafe, In N’ Out, hang out in Brentwood, maybe drive around the Hollywood Hills when I’m not at the ballpark.

But I’ll be there, and each day I’ll put an entry on this blog as to what I was up to. Best city in the world, best stadium in the world, and I truly can’t wait.