The Dodgers Beat Madison Bumgarner on a Saturday Night at The Ravine

The Dodgers have now won a blistering 21 of their last 26 games. On Friday night Ross Stripling picked up his sixth win of the year in a 3-2 victory over the Giants.

On Saturday night – they beat Madison Bumgarner by a 3-1 score with Alex Wood throwing a really nice 5 and 2/3. Kikè Hernandez did what he usually does off MadBum, smashing a two-run homer that held up as the difference. It was the largest attendance in a baseball game all year long.

This is particularly notable, seeing as how the recent news of baseball having a 14 year low in attendance thus far in 2018 recently broke in stories. I feel badly that I’ve only been to one game this year in Cleveland. That will change as the season goes on, although I think it is due to a lot of guys in my age bracket having small children. I will go to four or five games in Los Angeles in August (God willing). I might also catch a game or two in September in Cincinnati when the Dodgers come to town. That would get me to that seven or eight I usually go to and satisfy my quota of some of my better years.

As a whole though – the Dodgers are on fire and I’m happy as can be for them!