Popularity of Baseball Today

Whenever we think about baseball, we refer to baseball in America. Together with hockey and American football, the baseball is the most famous sport in the United States. There are several Leagues that are popular, but the highest ranked is the Major League Baseball. It is an extremely popular sport and includes millions of fans. Let’s make a short overview of some of the most important and interesting facts about baseball in America now and through history.

Short History

The beginnings of baseball in America go back to the 19th century.  It is believed that the first games were played around 1830s. Starting off in the northeast, baseball has very rapidly spread in the whole region. Many baseball clubs were formed in the cities, and in 1845 Alexander Catwright set down the rules, and established the game by the name we all know today. The first official contest was organized only a year later.

Through the years there have been many minor leagues according to different cities. All those developed and intertwined, so today we have two larger ones: the National League and the American League. The winners of those two compete in the prestigious Major League.

Popularity in Society

Baseball has influenced the development of the society. Actually, it has helped shaping the American sport society and more. It is widely known that Americans always enjoy a good baseball game. This sport is rooted in almost every family. For example, most of the kids start to train baseball since early age.  The most important bonding time between fathers and sons has always been by playing throw and catch.

The society also invests a lot in preserving and promoting this sport for the future generations, because baseball has indeed become an important part of the American Identity.


As every popular thing nowadays is expressed on the internet, so is baseball.

First, there are many fan pages and blogs dedicated to baseball and the most favorite baseball teams, from college to professional ones. Next, many online groups of fans are created discussing every possible topic connected with sports. Very often, even entire baseball events are organized online. Not to forget, there is, of course, the sports betting where baseball is certainly not excluded.

We can definitely state that baseball is pretty much present in the online sports world.

Interesting facts

There is a huge list of interesting facts about baseball. For example, did you know that the longest game in history was called off after 8 hours of constant play? Neither did I.

Next, the official anthem of baseball “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” was written in 1908 by two people who had never been to a baseball game.

The first woman that played baseball was Effa Manley in 1897.

Baseball gloves have developed through time, more than any other sports equipment.

Today, more than 100 countries are members of the Baseball Federation.

All in all, there are numerous of facts you can find out, or you already know if you are a passionate fan.