The Madness Begins Again

It’s a baseball blog, but we always give some mention to the NCAA March Madness tournament beginning. That’s because this is the appetizer for the main course. Today held the usual craziness that this tournament brings; an element of ‘WTF!’ unpredictability unparalleled anywhere else in sports.

Arizona got beat by Buffalo. Miami got taken out by Loyola Chicago. Tomorrow will bring more completely nuts shit that has no business happening. When all this wraps up, we will be knee-deep in baseball season; and it’s a worthwhile distraction.

In the meantime, things are looking on the up and up.

On March 22nd, we hold our keeper league fantasy draft. The next day, MLB The Show ’18 releases. Another draft or two sprinkled in here and there, and then we’re at full bloom for March 29th. No work, just pure baseball and filling out a bunch of losing Draftkings lineups for the best Opening Day slate there’s been in years.

It’s going to be great. Even if we skipped the team previews this season. Enjoy the madness. Salute to Bo Kimble and Loyola Marymount, prayers up to Hank Gathers and one of the coolest NCAA teams of all time with the feature image.