I Still Hate Rob Manfred and I Loathe The Idea Of A Runner Starting On Second Base, Ever

More talk about the pace of play, and Joy of Sox brings the heat with how we feel pretty perfectly.

If baseball is going to start with a runner on second in extra innings at the MLB level, my feelings about the game I love will change forever. I wouldn’t mind if someone tossed Rob Manfred out of a chopper over the Grand Canyon. Can this guy seriously do anything that I like? Quit trying to sabotage my fucking beautiful, perfect ballgame that has remained perfect through the annals of time while the rest of the world swallows itself, would you?

Ads on uniforms next year. Talk of shortening the regular season. A pitch clock. Humidors in every big league city to suppress offense. Now this runner on second bullshit. Why is this guy force-feeding us a bunch of stuff we clearly don’t want? Where is baseball really gathering it’s data from to decide what is best for business?

I seriously do not see a day coming where I turn away from the game altogether. But the minute the circus comes to town and these drastic rule changes change the way the game is played entirely; I could see myself taking it a lot less serious.

I hope my son who is not yet two can enjoy the same game I enjoyed and that his great uncles and grandfathers and their grandfathers before them enjoyed. Without some whacky ass runner starting on second that ends every game in the 10th inning. I seriously will loathe Manfred until the day they bury me; and there’s not a damn thing he can do to save it.