More Humidors are Coming to Baseball

Baseball under Rob Manfred cannot seem to just market itself in a positive light. A story emerged from Sports Illustrated on Sunday that says that all teams will now start to have their baseball harvesting-process regulated.

For the first time, Major League Baseball is standardizing how its 30 clubs store baseballs, according to several sources familiar with the plan distributed to clubs. Baseballs must be stored in “an air conditioned and enclosed room” this season.

Major League Baseball will install climate sensors in each room to measure temperature and humidity throughout the 2018 season. That data will be used to determine whether a humidor is necessary in individual storage rooms for the 2019 season.

What would be the good reasoning behind this? Are home runs bad for the game? Does it make the game less interesting and less marketable? Do young people the game is trying so hard to cater to not enjoy the most exciting thing that can happen in a game; or in all of sports?

I just don’t get it. I don’t get a lot of things that have happened under Manfred. If you want to run a humidor in Colorado and Arizona; where home run numbers are berserk, fine. But to implement this for all 30 clubs? That’s borderline insanity.

The game is in a good place. I just wish they would leave it the Hell alone; with uniforms and equipment falling under that umbrella.