MLB The Show ’18: Franchise Press Conference

I made this mostly in jest to the past videos I’ve seen on YouTube and twitter. I always love when guys feel the need to announce to…… someone, that they’re going to be ___________.

So, this year I took the nerd plunge (I am definitely a nerd) and called my own number.

Without further adieu, my 2018 franchise press conference for MLB the Show ’18:

Big surprise here. I honestly gave consideration to the Rockies, Yankees, Twins, but I can’t say anyone other than Colorado made a strong challenge to unseat Los Angeles. I plan to spend the summer at Chavez Ravine and enjoy the Dodgers while I can. They didn’t have Cody Bellinger or Walker Buehler the last time I played heavily with them, and I’ve never rolled out a fresh version of the game with them as my primary franchise team.

I can’t get a copy in my hands soon enough.