The Brewers are making a push for Christian Yelich

Christian Yelich is a pure, solid hitter. He’s a lifetime .290 bat who gets on base at a .369 clip. He’s an incredibly valuable offensive player stuck in a poor situation with the broken Miami Marlins. He wants out, and this seems like it’s more likely than not to happen at this point; since the Marlins are dumping anyone with any value and with the four years of control left on Yelich, he might bring back the biggest return of any of the Miami pieces that have been moved or will be moved by the Derek Jeter administration.

And how about the damn Brewers!?! They’re not only recently in on Yu Darvish, but they have made Yelich the apple of their eye. With no true centerpiece but a lot of really nice complimentary pieces and an aging franchise player in Ryan Braun, Yelich would figure to take over as the true franchise cornerstone if the suddenly aggressive Brewers can make this happen.

Free Christian Yelich. If it’s not to a place like Milwaukee, let the kid go somewhere that his talents can be on display. If you look in the league leaders each year, you’re not going to find many guys around the league that come in around a .290 clip perennially or get on base at the rate that Yelich does. He is the type of player who could put a contender over the top and make a middling team suddenly competitive. It’s scary to think what he might accomplish in a true offensive park like Milwaukee.