Baseball’s key Opening Day 2018 Games

Baseball’s 2018 Opening Day will be the greatest of all time, OF ALL TIME! Because it opens on a Thursday, and we’re not working that day on March 28th, or Friday March 29th. And then there’s a full weekend of baseball after that. So here’s what we’ll do on Opening Day 2018, aside from play a bunch of Draftkings lineups and possibly come out of gambling retirement for a parlay or two.

Early Slate: Cubs at Marlins (12:30 PM ET), Cardinals at Mets (1:10)

Mid-day slate: Astros at Rangers (3:30), Yankees at Toronto (3:37), Nationals at Reds (4:10)

“Main Course” Slate: Giants at Dodgers (7:00) *Only game on the slate during this time slot, on ESPN national television. YES!

Late Slate: Cleveland at Seattle (10:00), Colorado at Arizona (10:10)

Baseball figured something out this year and got it right. That’s wall-to-wall action to open up the season, during a time of the week where any die-hard is going to pretty much pack it in and call it a week and zone out on their responsibilities for a baseball festivus.

There’s about 64 days remaining that we have to survive to get to this, and it’s going to be a long, hard ride. But we’ll get there. Keep the faith.

Anyone else out there like us loving the Thursday Opening Day change?