Predictions: Is there any hope for the Cleveland Browns?

Let’s be clear, there are many teams in the NFL that are not among the top 5 teams for years, but it looks like the fans of Cleveland Browns have the most difficult task. As a matter of fact, this NFL team is having a bad run for years now. It’s been a whole generation after the successful years of the Browns. Of course, the Cavaliers were here to make history in 2016, but obviously, Browns’ fans cannot identify with the Cavaliers. Cleveland was once home to two strong teams, but those days are long gone.

The History of Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns have won the last world championship back in 1964. IN this year, the famous team had great leaders – Frank Ryan and Jim Brown. They literally demolished the Baltimore Colts with a stunning result – 27-0. Ever since then, the Browns have thousands of loyal fans, but the success is missing.

But, what’s even more interesting is that Cleveland was known as the city of Browns even before this year. This was a popular team after the World War II. It all started in 1946 when the AAFC (the rival of NFL) included the Browns in the competition. For three years, Cleveland Browns were the champions of their competition. In 1950, Browns became part of the NFL. They had three titles in the 1950s. As we already said they have also won the championship in 1964. It’s also good to know that they had a spectacular winning percentage in the 1950s – .746 which is an unmatched percentage in the 20th century.

So, the 1960s were great for the Browns too, but it looks like the 1980s was the time when the big decline arrived. Nowadays, the Browns are a true disaster. In the last decade, they are regularly at the bottom of the table. In 2015 and 2016 they had a shameful record of one win and 28 lost games. Their winning percentage is catastrophic – just .034. Some people use their name to make funny jokes. But, the question is what has happened and can this disaster be reversed?

Cleveland Browns Predictions

The truth is that the 2017/2018 was bad for the Browns too. If you take a closer look at AFC North standings, you will notice that the Browns were stuck at the bottom with 16 lost matches and no wins. The second worst team in this group had 7 wins which were obviously unreachable for the Browns. Needless to say, they didn’t reach the playoffs which was expected. In fact, many online betting sites have offered low odds for this outcome because they knew that this team doesn’t have the potential to be part of the playoffs.  

But, their absence from the playoffs means only one thing – that the 2017/2018 season is over. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t recover and be better in the next season. In the last few years, we’ve read different stories about the team’s efforts to reshape and rebuild their squad, but all these efforts were useless. The only good news for Cleveland Browns fans is that the team has 5 picks in the first 2 rounds of the latest NFL draft. In addition, they should have an opportunity to add more than one starter.

We should highlight the fact that they had 4 picks in 2017 and 2 picks in 2016. According to many experts, the most critical position for the Browns is the cornerback and the quarterback. In the recent period, there are rumors about Baker Mayfield and his idea to move from Oklahoma to Cleveland. There is no doubt that he is an excellent player, but it looks like many Browns fans want to see Sam Darnold on their team.

Sam Darnold has played for the USC Trojans for two seasons now and his statistics are impressive. He was one of the most serious candidates for the Heisman Trophy, but eventually, Baker Mayfield got this award. So, Cleveland Browns should decide whether they want to spend more money on Mayfield or save some money and get Sam Darnold, a player that has a strong potential. Mayfield is young too, but many people feel that Darnold has more things to show in the near future.

Of course, it’s up to the management and coach Hue Jackson to make a decision. Who knows, maybe a player or two can change the chemistry in the team and help the Browns get back on track. We would really like to see something like this because the fans and the NFL deserve this.