How to choose the best pitching machine for practice

Pitching machines are greatly beneficial and helpful to baseball and softball players when used appropriately. The machines are designed to help players in enhancing and refining their hitting skills, particularly when practicing for leagues and competitions. These machines are equally reliable and useful for fielding practice since they help players in improving their accuracy skills thereby becoming easy to focus at specific targets. Here are a few tips on choosing the best pitching machine:

Type of pitching machine

Pitching machines are designed differently and thus come in varying types based on the level at which the machine will be used. The main levels in baseball and softball include youth, high school, backyard and professional playing levels. Machines used for practicing for professional playing levels are the most complex machines and come with sophisticated features. On the other hand, machines used for freelance playing in the backyard are the least sophisticated. Ideally, you should only purchase a pitching machine that meets your playing needs.


When looking for the best pitching machine to purchase, it is necessary to consider the design that amazes and excites you the most. This goes a long way in enabling you to have a personal attachment to the machine of choice. It is advisable that you settle on pitching machines with functional designs; a design that enhances the functionality and overall performance of the machine. Consider a design that is portable; in case you may need to move the machine from one point to the other while practicing.

Ball Speeds

Pitching machines come with different ball speeds. There are those that throw balls at very high speeds while others throw balls at relatively low speeds. Due to this, it is crucial to know the ideal throwing speed you are looking for in the machine of choice. If you are practicing for competitions in leagues, it is advisable that you opt for machines with high throwing speeds. You can visit recommendations on the best ball speed to opt for depending on your playing skills, level, and mastery of the sport. The best machine to settle for is one that has a throwing speed of 45mph+.

Programmable features

Choose a pitching machine that has programmable features for tilting the machine to different angles depending on the landscape of the pitch. Additionally, you should opt for machines that allow sliders and curves. Such machines are not only fun to use but also provide useful lessons and skills for use when playing against your opponent. Also, look for a machine that you can adjust its head to simulate left & right-handed pitching, thereby making the experience of using the machine exceptionally versatile. Such machines help you to improve your playing skills all-round and become a pro player.

If you do not have prior experience in purchasing and using pitching machines, it is advisable to ask for reference and guidance from coaches, experienced players and other resourceful sources like the internet. These machines are quite pricey and as such, you should not purchase a machine until you are contented with its features and functionality.

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