Well, Game Two of the 2017 World Series was one of the Greatest World Series Games of All-Time

Man, I am too exhausted to begin to recap everything I just saw. There was just too much. Basically, I think an all-time moment in Dodgers history and potentially a Kirk Gibson 2.0 homer by Corey Seager off an unhittable Justin Verlander was wasted this evening by a collapse; I think was manned and masterminded by Dave Roberts.

Nonetheless, it was one of my favorite baseball moments ever. It will be long forgotten in history now. It should have won the Dodgers the game 3-1 or at least 3-2, depending on how you look at it.

But holy shit, I am exhausted, disappointed, impressed, inspired, let down, sad I wasn’t there, sure I just saw something special. Game two of the World Series absolutely lived up to the billing. I felt this would end up one of the greatest World Series in the history of the game, and this game will help to deliver that. But I have no idea what is going to happen.

It stings because I should have been in Los Angeles tonight. Now, I’ll end up dying having never saw this. It just shouldn’t have ever gone down this way. This is one of the most crushing losses for a team that I’ve been pulling for maybe like; ever.

But they really fought like Hell. I mean, the Dodgers really fought. It’s like, they didn’t deserve to lose that one. Yasiel Puig, Corey Seager, Logan Forsythe, Kike Hernandez, Joc Pederson so many damn guys battled their asses off in this game.

I’ll recap the damn thing tomorrow. I need at least tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow night. I don’t want to work tomorrow. It’s going to suck. I have no idea what’s going to happen now. I went from feeling like the Dodgers were the greatest team of my lifetime to now, who the Hell knows. They could end up the greatest team of all-time that never won it all, with three games in Houston over the weekend on tap.

This was never going to be easy. And give credit to Houston. They showed some major grit and guile. Marwin Gonzalez off Kenley Jansen in the bottom of the ninth. Damnit. So many damnit’s. This sucks. I won’t sleep much tonight.