The YouTube TV Logo drove everyone nuts in sponsoring the World Series

Yeah, so that YouTube TV (which someone paid a fortune for) logo succeeded in catching the attention of America and driving us all batshit during game one of the World Series.

I admit, I am probably a little OCD about my baseball watching. I like plain. I like vanilla. I like old-fashioned. I don’t like corporate America and it’s dollars creeping into every single aspect of sports. And it’s always going to win out.

YouTube TV which we now all know, is sponsoring the World Series of 2017; succeeded because we’re talking about it. But damn it if it didn’t make for an ugly couple hours of watch and me sitting here saying I wish that the billboard would magically change.

I was wishing that someone would go all ‘Justin Turner foul ball vs. Camping World’ on things tonight. In the greatest World Series of all-time, we’re not gonna need this pock mark to look back upon.