With MLB winding down, prepare for other fantasy sports

Baseball season has just under about ten games left no matter what. It’s sad, but its time to start looking towards other sports.

Check out some Draft guides, it’s a great reference site for all things fantasy sports.

One of our favorite articles on the site talks about How to Start a Fantasy Football league – A Guide for dummies.

I could have used this article myself back in August. I got ambitious and decided I was going to start a Fantasy Football keeper league featuring two keepers per team (12 team, PPR). Initially I had intended to allow draft pick trades as a fun wrinkle in the league. What has unfolded has been a nightmare.

Some guys didn’t want them. Some guys like the idea. But teams who started 0-5 started to ‘sell off’ a bit early and first round talents like Rob Gronkowski and Leveon Bell were traded for first round picks for 2018. What was designed to be an aspect that makes the league unique has resulted in total disaster. A veto fest where other bitter owners are outright vetoing fair trades.

I have no solution. I don’t know what to do. No matter what decision I make as commissioner, someone is going to end up agitated at the decision. I’m kind of just stuck. And everyone in the league is along for the ride, stuck with their prospective teams.

There are arguments to be made on both sides, but we could have benefitted from resources such as the stuff I linked above.

Moving on to other resources out there on the above Draft guide site; you have some tips on playing daily fantasy football readily available to you. Take it from one with experience – if you’re going to roll out of bed on Sunday morning and start filling out lineups on a site like Fanduel or Draftkings, you don’t want to just go in cold and make sure you spend every dollar. There are many layered strategies to doing this in a successful manner and maximizing value.

If you choose to go at it alone, the sharks of the DFS community will devour your bankroll like the schoolfish that you most indeed are. If you use all the resources available to you and you’re constantly ready to be a sponge to the knowledge out there, you will get better every time out and can be a successful and consistent DFS player. There is always more to learn or another perspective to look at in this realm.