The Internet Gives you the Opportunity to be a baseball Superfan year-round

We’re into the ALCS and NLCS this weekend, which means that time is running short on the baseball season and soon you’ll be able to see your breath in most areas of the country and you’ll need to begin searching for good ways to stay on top of the game of baseball.

Look no further than this post for some of the best resources on the web to continue being the super-fan you are from spring to early autumn.

First, you’ll want to check out the Best Sports App, it’s insanely cool and available on iTunes. You should be able to download it on any iOS device.

And while you’re at it, check out the Baseball App. This app is already on the first screen of our iPhone and offers a wealth of baseball news, managing fantasy teams, scores, highlights and a whole gaggle of content that should give you your baseball fix all through the remainder of the postseason and once free agency and the Winter Meetings begin.

You have to wonder what big names will be on the move this offseason. With Bryce Harper and the Nationals eliminated from the playoffs and Dusty Baker’s last ride complete, don’t be surprised if something surfaces that mentions Harper’s name in unsuspected trade rumors early in the offseason.

Another team to keep an eye on is the Miami Marlins. They announced today that they want to trim payroll to around $90 million under a new ownership group headed up by Derek Jeter. Obviously, this would seem to mean Giancarlo Stanton is going to be on the move. But the first name we expect to come up is Dee Gordon; who is coming off a .300 season with 50+ stolen bases. That will be our bet to be the first major move of the offseason.

So make sure you’re following along to all these great resources sponsored by CBS Sports. Often times what happens in the months that the games aren’t played are a great predictor of the games to come; as we’re seeing with the final four teams left in play in 2017.