2017 MLB Playoff Picks

This is the best playoff field of teams in terms of interest that there has been in a number of years. No matter how it breaks; well mostly, it should be a very interesting postseason. As long as the Indians don’t make the World Series again. You can just about count on it.

Here’s how we here at Diamondhoggers.com see the MLB Postseason playing out:

American League Wildcard Game:
Minnesota Twins over New York Yankees (!)

National League Wildcard Game:
Arizona Diamondbacks over Colorado Rockies

American League Division Series:
Cleveland Indians over Minnesota Twins (Three Games)
Houston Astros over Boston Red Sox (Four Games)

National League Division Series:
Los Angeles Dodgers over Arizona Diamondbacks (Five Games, almost an elimination here)
Chicago Cubs over Washington Nationals (Four Games)

Houston Astros over Cleveland Indians (Five Games)

Los Angeles Dodgers over Chicago Cubs (Six Games)

World Series:
Los Angeles Dodgers over Houston Astros (Six Games)

The Dodgers hang on, deliver, and pull off a shocker that should not feel like that much of a shocker. The Arizona Dbacks could easily get by them and pose all kinds of scary match-up problems. My spider senses tell me that they’re going to be trouble for Los Angeles, but my heart tells me stick with my heart.