Aaron Judge tallies HR 38, and was this the Yankees win of the season?

The Boston Red Sox took on the Yankees to decide who would win this September series on Sunday Night Baseball. The matchup was billed as Chris Sale against Luis Severino, which should have led to a total of about four runs.

Instead the Yankees homered three times off Sale – who has been a little bit sketchy of late this season – to amass a 3-0 lead early. And those who came and showed up to see Aaron Judge do his thing didn’t leave without getting their money’s worth.

Judge got his late in the game, while you were sleeping. Or at least while I was.

It was Judge’s 38th home run of the season. It traveled 469 mammoth feet and was 115 MPH exit velocity off the bat.

Yankees win big, 9-2. Luis Severino again bests Chris Sale. And how could I have not known this would be the result with the Yankees playing in the Bronx on my sixth wedding anniversary to a Jersey Girl? The hints were everywhere. Vegas doesn’t give Chris Sale away at -112 unless they know something. The fix was in.