Your Aaron Judge Update

Aaron Judge went 0 for 4 on Saturday in the Bronx in a 5-1 win over the hated Boston Red Sox in which Masahiro Tanaka and Chase Headley carried the Yankees home. He struck out two more times. His average is now down to .276, and he’s homered just seven times since the All Star break.

He recently came to the defense of his teammates in a brawl with Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers; which we like seeing! There’s some fire in this kid! A good teammate.

But man, baseball is a lot more fun when Judge is hitting. You get the feeling that the Yankees are going to have to grind this thing out to win the Wildcard. By no means do they have this thing locked up, and the entire thing could collapse entirely on them which would in a way; be pretty sad.

Judge has to find a way to make adjustments and win the mental side of the game over the final month so the Yankees are playing in October because; baseball is a lot better place for the nation when the Yankees are relevant and playing big games in the postseason. The Judge story was a captivating one that is shriveling into something very sad.

One wonders if at this point Judge is going to reach 40 homers and 100 RBI, something that just a few months ago seemed like numbers he would shatter. We’ll be back with a Judge post the next time he hits one, if that happens in 2017.