Corey Seager has a 15-game hitting streak

Corey Seager extended his hitting streak to 15 games on Sunday afternoon at Dodger Stadium, being the second guy who notched a hit off Jimmy Nelson when he had pretty good stuff.

It’s been a quiet little hit streak for Seager. He hasn’t homered during the streak, is 23 for 66, and has driven in 10 runs. Yet; it’s the second longest streak of his career and should be commended.

It’s going to start to get some run time in the media if it goes on another week or so. It probably ends soon, but it sure would be nice to see Seager get this over 20 games. And it was nice to see it carry it through my son’s birthday as we celebrated his first birthday today with a baseball themed party and had the Dodgers on while his party was going on. Corey Seager is of course; my son’s favorite player.