MLB Player’s Weekend Uniforms are Atrocious

I just want to say as we are about at the halfway point through MLB Player’s Weekend; I think that these uniforms I’m seeing each game that everyone probably thinks are so neat are an absolute abomination.

Baseball clearly did this to appeal to a younger portion of the fan base and millennials. And that’s fine. They’ll probably sell more merchandise because of it. Again, thinking of their rake and not the tradition of their brand. But these uniforms are just absolutely terrible looking. I haven’t seen one yet that made me say man that’s really neat.

Take the Dodgers version for instance:

I mean it’s just damn painful to see traditional teams with traditional looks like the Yankees, Dodgers, and Red Sox tarnishing even a second of their brand with this futuristic, Japan baseball looking crap.

Side note: I like the patches on the uniform where the player thanks someone who helped them get to the big leagues.

I *do* like the usage of loud looking equipment for this weekend. Stuff you would see in the All-Star game type stuff that catches the eyes of the fan. Take hurt Bryce Harper’s stuff he would have used if he wasn’t hurt for example:

But, going forward throw the rock jock uniforms in the trash. Leave the nicknames on the regular jerseys. Just be baseball, don’t try to be the NFL or the NBA. It will never really work or catch on and it will turn off more of the devoted fans than earn new ones; a bad business practice.