No one will ever stop the 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are the story of the 2017 baseball season. We of course, were there in Los Angeles at Chavez Ravine when this historic run began and the Dodgers season changed on a dime.

The 2017 Dodgers already have this wrapped up. Beyond all the magic, all the things you see them do each night that defy logic and belief that what you’re seeing is actually real; the rest of baseball knows it’s their year.

And I didn’t know it at that moment of course – who could have known that the Dodgers would at one point be sitting 51 games over .500 and be one of the greatest regular season teams to ever grace the diamond – but we felt something that day happen and inside ourselves we knew that there was some magical connection that took place when we were in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers have gone 50 and 12 since that day to sit at 85-34 overall tonight as Yasiel Puig rips a walk-off double into the gap; crushing the souls of the hapless Chicago White Sox that they almost seemingly looked like they knew were going to be crushed when the ninth inning began tonight.

It’s someone different every night and all that… you’ve heard all that before. But Corey Seager is hitting .310, Justin Turner is hitting .350, Chris Taylor is hitting about .305, Cody Bellinger is going to smack over 40 dingers and the rest of the damn lineup just does it’s job. Kike Hernandez rips his homers off southpaws. Logan Forsythe gets key hits. They have a bullpen that goes on for days. They seemingly always get a quality start. Dave Roberts can’t manage to screw up a game because every button he pushes is the right one.

This is truly unbelievable to see unfold night after night except if you have spent the time and watched the Dodgers with any volume this year, you know when it’s getting late and they’re close or behind they’re just going to find a way to win it. And strange things or incredible things always happen and they do indeed win the game. Vegas sportsbooks are so tired of losing money on the Dodgers they are setting lines at gaudy -380 totals on standard nights.

This is a completely different animal than anything baseball has ever had to witness and when the postseason rolls around and this team makes it incredibly predictable for the viewer and to a degree boring because they’re not going to even face an elimination game, you’ll remember this post.

We were there when the 2017 Dodgers took off from the tarmac. We were there for a reason that day. It was fate. We waited for over 30 years to be at Dodger Stadium and then on that June 7th day, perfection unfolded in front of our very eyes. From the weather to the result to the rest of the day in Los Angeles, and that was God’s own way of letting us know that the Dodgers are going to raise a World Championship banner next to that old and lonely 1988 one that sits along the ring of Chavez Ravine.

This all might sound like crazy talk – but to us it’s just all playing out and making too much sense. This thing is over, already. Other teams are simply existing and playing their games to eventually be fed to Los Angeles.