Without anyone’s notice, the St. Louis Cardinals have run down the Cubs

It’s amazing, but the St. Louis Cardinals – on the heels of Paul ‘Beverly Hills 90210 Director’ DeJong – enter today tied with the Chicago Cubs for first place. I almost couldn’t believe it when my friend (Cardinals Fan) asked me what I thought about it. Our exchange went like this:

Him: “Watch out for the Red Hot Cards”

Me: “That statement is true maybe only if you’re sitting at a Blackjack table and you’ve seen three hot shoes in a row right now.”

He then pointed out that; no, the St. Louis I’ll be damned Cardinals are back with authority. After not making a move at the deadline because we assume; they know that this isn’t the year to try to squander a future piece only to lock horns with the Dodgers eventually, they’re right there and on the cusp of bouncing the Cubs.

I guess I’m fine with it. The Cardinals getting in and not the Cubs probably makes for an easier path for the Dodgers. This won’t happen of course, but it should be noted that as late as August 13th, 2017 the St. Louis Cardinals actually held down first place in what many others had chalked up as a simple average rebuilding year.

They are so much better than the Cincinnati Reds in everything that they do.