Happy 26th, Mike Trout

Mike Trout just finished off a helluva week. He was homering with reckless abandon, stealing bags, doing Mike Trout things. The Angels had a great week and seem to be alive in the Wildcard race in the American League. This is good for baseball!

It’s kind of depressing that Mike Trout turned 26 today. I mean; he’s still ‘young’ in many senses. But I wish I could turn back the clock and make him 21 again. We still have a lot of Mike Trout left to see. He will continue to WAR like only Mike Trout can. He’s only a year older than baseball’s newest ‘young’ star, Aaron Judge.

But it’s sobering to think that Mike Trout is already 26. You’ve got the New York Post writing headlines on his birthday like “Mike Trout is Unstoppable in Every Possible Situation” and they’re not wrong.

I think about some of the incredible things he’s done since this blog’s inception – things that no other player has offered year over year, night over night – and I know I’ll never be able to write about a guy as skilled and as perfect as Mike Trout again in my life.

And with every day that passes beyond today, his 26th birthday; this beautiful perfect ballplayer will depreciate as all players do like father time.

But man this has been a blast. Time has flown. It’s gone as they say it does when things are going so well. Mike Trout is a gift to everyone who loves the game and turns on the television each night.