In honor of my old man, Cody Bellinger gets a post; hits 30th homer

My dad was over tonight. He’s been over a lot of nights. I love spending time with my dad while I still can.

He watches the Dodgers with me because I enjoy them. I give him credit, he only watches them out of his own boredom and his son’s interest in them. They’re going to win the whole fucking thing – I’ve told him this on many occasions – and they’re highlighted by our two guys Corey Seager and Cody ‘Woody’ Bellinger.

Well Woody tagged his 30th home run of his rookie season tonight in Atlanta. The Braves managed a 5-3 victory somehow with Arodys Vizcaino getting the save.

And just as I told my dad nights ago, Cody Bellinger would get his 30th home run in Atlanta by abusing that short right field porch. It didn’t quite go down that way; but right now it appears that my dad’s Dodger is trumping my Dodger.

It’s been fun watching Cody Bellinger smash homers with reckless abandon seemingly every time my dad is at the house to hang out. He’s made some memories for me.

And what’s neat is he’s 21. Someday, when my son has a functional working mind and God-willing I’m still around; Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger will still be doing damage wearing Dodger blue.

And that my friends is something that is just neat to think about. Baseball connects generations.