Aaron Judge’s Debut Jersey goes for $157,000 in an auction

Aaron Judge – and anything associated with his name; cards, figures, other memorabilia – have exploded in the collector market.

Consider this: the jersey that Judge wore in his big league debut (a game he homered in) closed at $157,366 final bid this morning.

The winning bid in the auction, held by Steiner Sports, represents the highest price paid for any jersey worn in the four major U.S. pro sports leagues in the past 15 years. It topped the $135,060 paid last month for the jersey Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry wore in Game 3 of this year’s NBA Finals.

The sale price on the Judge jersey is a huge jump from the price paid for a game-used jersey Steiner sold just last month. The jersey Judge wore May 28, when he hit his first career grand slam, sold for $45,578.

The Yankees market has always been a little nuts, but when this kid started to take off; it went totally bonanza. Honestly, I can’t say I haven’t fallen prey a little bit. I have started collecting Aaron Judge stuff. I wouldn’t mind a baseball, and some cards; anything I can pass down to my son when he’s a little older.

But yeah, if you’re dropping this much on a jersey you better hope that this isn’t the only huge year of Judge’s career.