Jim Bowden Turns Heel, Blocks us on Twitter (Again)

We’ve mentioned that Jim Bowden has blocked us in past iterations of his twitter account. It stung. Last night – because we like him and only because we like him – we tried to throw Sirius XM’s newest NFL Fantasy expert a bone.

Eduardo Nunez was exchanging handshakes in the San Francisco Giants dugout with teammates and we got (early) word that he had been traded to the Boston Red Sox. Before Ken Rosenthal, before Jon Heyman; before anyone. We tossed it over to Jim Bowden to be nice.

Jimbo was probably in bed after a long day of researching NFL mock drafts. But we tried again:

Still nothing out of our friend.

A couple minutes later, Ken Rosenthal had his “source” placed. He beat Jimbo and I to the punch.

And today, alas; we wake up to this:

That grinning, smirking little face. A face that not even a mother could trust. A face that has blocked one of his only remaining friends.

Ralph, we deserved better.

If you’re keeping score at home, Ralph; a guy who once was Ralph’d in the middle of the night by an enemy with “Byrd to Yankees” was spoonfed solid information and Ralphed us for not Ralphing him.