First Round Pick Hunter Greene’s Dad was a ‘Sleazy Private Investigator’ in Los Angeles

We were reading a little bit about Reds first-round draft pick tonight, Hunter Greene. Just trying to find out if the kid is going to be a shortstop or pitcher. The Reds of course, are going to make him a pitcher; which is sure to end badly with the ‘generational talent’.

We stumbled upon Greene’s Wiki page to see his father not only worked for slimeball Johnny Cochrane, but was a private investigator in Los Angeles.

His Yelp page is here. It contains one single one-star review.

So, Hunter Greene’s dad Russell is sleazy and bullies families. Takes your money and doesn’t deliver on the services he promised upon like catching your cheating husband in the act.

Hopefully his PI days are over; and one would assume now that Greene has hit it big, his dad can hang up the badge for good. This was interesting though, and goes to show that the internet always tells a greater story that lies beneath.

Also there was this, on Ripoff Report (someone really doesn’t like Russell Greene’s PI work):

This man is one of the foulest individuals you will ever come upon. He is incompetent, to say the least and lecherous. Steer clear of this PI agency if you don’t want to be man handled and you expect results, because he definitely does not deliver.

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