Here is the 2017 Home Run Derby Bracket

We’re still about a week from the 2017 T-Mobile Home Run Derby, or the Home Run Derby presented by T-Mobile; and it’s already getting more run-time on this blog than it ever has in the weeks leading up to it. That’s probably a good thing for the sport.

It has the gimmicky feel to it of a WWE bracket for a title belt. MLB has wisely matched the two Marlins versus the two Yankees; to give the tag-team effect to it all. They also made it so the only way that Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton could face off would be the finals of the derby, which would make this the greatest derby in the history of home run hitting contests!

Of course, Mike Moustakas and Justin Bour will probably shit in all of our punch bowls; and they’ll do battle in the finals because that is sometimes how things go. But hopefully in the first round, Sano and Bellinger do the job so that we have a second round of Sano, Stanton, Bellinger, and OHMYGOD Aaron Judge. Can one imagine?!?!

I’m excited to turn this on Monday evening.