Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and the possibility of the greatest Home Run Derby EVER

The All-Star rosters are set. Major League baseball has the chance to have the greatest Home Run Derby of All-Time. Something that gets viewers, people talking on social media, and memories created.

Don’t you dare send out Justin Smoak. Don’t you dare invite back Todd Frazier for any reason. All the talent needed in this derby is right here on the rosters.

First off, there’s the obvious elephant in the room showdown that is Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins if they can face off in any round; especially the finals. Aaron Judge vs. Giancarlo Stanton. But there are some stars that baseball could put on the undercard that could make this exhibition the spectacle it should be.

So here’s who baseball needs to run out there:

Stanton, Judge, Cody Bellinger, Joey Votto, Bryce Harper, Miguel Sano, Nolan Arenado; throw in a Mookie Betts and a George Springer or Carlos Correa for effect and you’ve got something worthy of an all-time Home Run Derby.

Baseball should offer these guys some type of incentive since most players are greedy and don’t want to endanger their precious second half swings (see Pederson, Joc) to hit 35 homers in a contest that doesn’t matter. But something tells me all these guys can handle it.

Please, somehow; make something close to this list happen.