Happy Clint Frazier Day!

For all the talk of the Yankees and their young players – you forget about Clint Frazier. Well, he’s there, and now he’s here. Tonight he made his big league debut in Houston. He got his first Major League hit which was a double. As we always do, we welcome the new heralded prospect to the big league fraternity with a post.

The scouting report, from Baseball Prospectus:

Scouting: I keep writing up Frazier for various products, and I’m running out of adjectives to describe his bat speed. Let’s go with “among the best in baseball” this time. He takes amazingly fast, amazingly violent cuts at the ball. Combine that with easy plus raw power and an idea of what to do at the plate, and Frazier has as much hitting potential as you’re going to find in the minors. Yet he’s been unable to fully actualize that potential into game performance. There’s nothing hugely wrong with his hitting mechanics, but he does have the remnants of a once-prominent hitch that costs him a beat starting up and he doesn’t always handle good breaking stuff well. It adds up to just a little too much swing-and-miss—not a lot, and you keep hoping Frazier is going to work it out. But we might be sitting here in 2021 still waiting for the breakout to happen, while he’s merely an average-to-good hitter instead of the complementary superstar to Aaron Judge.

So happy Clint Frazier Day!