I want to sit in the Judge’s Chambers

I’m a bit late on this fad, but my next baseball bucket-list item is to sit within ‘The Judge’s Chambers’ in right field at New Yankee Stadium.

The NY Post says that the Yankees had perfect timing in creating the wood paneled 17-seat section in right field. You get a gown and a judge’s gavel if you land a seat there. And I wonder – how does one go about landing a seat there? How long will it last? It would be totally Yankees to do away with this quickly and quietly if Judge starts to struggle. For now, information on it is sparse:

You can’t call this a money grab because the Yankees aren’t selling these spots at a premium. Rather, for now, they’re seeking out enthusiastic-looking fans to place in The Judge’s Chambers.

Eventually, the Yankees intend to give away these spots for free to youngsters involved in activities like Harlem RBI.

On Tuesday, nearly two hours before first pitch, I stood by The Judge’s Chambers and watched as fans regularly flowed there, posing for photos. Two young girls wearing baseball gloves. A young adult in a Yankees jersey. You could call it Fan Engagement 101.

So yeah; if I end up in Yankee Stadium in the next year, that’s where I want to sit.