Your Saturday Baseball Post

So just as there’s almost nothing better during the week than a late start 10:00 PM Eastern Time zone start at Dodger Stadium; there’s almost nothing better than a Yankee Stadium Saturday.

You know, a Saturday where the sun is shining in the summer (officially started a few days ago) and there’s a 1:00 PM Eastern Time zone home start for the New York Yankees hosting anyone. I‘ve been at the Stadium for one of these that I know of.

The Yankees have one of those today, and it’s on MLB Network hosting the Texas Rangers. It’s Luis Cessa opposing some bum named Bibens-Dirks or something like that. But it’s’ Saturday. It’s absolutely the best day of the week. The Yankees are at home in pinstripes. You’re alive. Enjoy yourself.

This week’s 1980’s song of the week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker nearest you is by Dire Straits. It came to us back when America was America. It’s got some sports tie-in’s as well. It’s Walk of Life.

River Ave Blues gets it. Everyone enjoy their Saturday. Perhaps we will do a Retro Week sometime.