Aaron Judge’s Saturday Afternoon Yankee Stadium bomb is number 26

[Box Score]

This is starting to feel like one of those special power seasons from the days of yore. Like, back when McGwire and Sosa were doing their thing – if you got busy on the weekend and went out and did something – you would miss homers. Historic homers. Majestic homers. Homers you couldn’t get back.

If you dozed off for a nap, you would also miss them. Today I was pretty excited to watch the Yankees, but when my kids went down for their nap I ended up dozing off for almost three hours. I awoke to find the Yankees were down 4-1, with the one run being this solo shot by Aaron Judge, the 26th of his 2017 season.

The Yankees wouldn’t get on the board again. Judge is currently on a 59 homer pace. If he can pour a big week in there and just maintain his current pace otherwise; we’re knocking on the door of something special. Heck, we’re already knocking on the door of something special if we’re being honest.