New York writers are calling for Aaron Judge to make a run at Babe Ruth & Roger Maris

So, the New York Daily News is talking about Aaron Judge making a run at 60-plus home runs this season. That’s a little bit unfair considering that they’re stacking him up against some of the Gods of the game in Babe Ruth and Roger Maris.

Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk has a really good article on just letting Aaron Judge play ball; which is going to be impossible for the New York media to let him do, especially if he keeps posting Triple Crown numbers in the Bronx.

It would be a Helluva thing to see Judge make a run at 60 in the fall, sure. But I’m happy just to see the guy surpass 40 in his first full season and the Yankees being relevant years ahead of their scheduled timeline with him as the centerpiece. Add in a .300 plus batting average or something near that once it starts to correct itself, and you’ve still got a monster on your hands.

The kid seems unassuming. He is strong in his faith. He’s not going to let the 500-foot shots go to his head and he’s the kind of guy who is easy to root for; he’s fun. I mean, he wore a t-shirt the other day that featured a Sandlot character, Hamilton Porter.

It’s worth noting though that in the Bronx you’re either made the God or the Goat depending on how you’re faring. Last year Judge was considered a bust. Right now, it’s his town. That’s just the way it’s always going to be (and always been) when it comes to baseball in the pressure cooker of the Bronx Zoo.