The one where Corey Seager beat the Reds with a Grand Slam

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It’s funny, I was at Dodger Stadium the week the magic picked up. The week that Corey Seager got hot as we predicted. And he capped off the week in grand fashion, literally.

I watched the entire game today. I kind of had a feeling that the Dodgers were going to get a little something going off filthy Raisel Iglesias; even though no one has this year.

Right as the Dodgers were getting a little something going and with Utley and Seager coming up, I dozed off to sleep. I woke up to see the final of 9-7, hazily.

What I missed was something unbelievable. A career-defining moment thus far; and possibly the Dodgers moment of the entire season. Having Charlie Steiner on the dramatic call makes it all that more incredible:

So Corey Seager capped off a week in which he hit two dramatic home runs, had a three-hit game, and another game in which he had a couple knocks and the game winning hit. The Dodgers only lost one time on the homestand. I have to say, I credit myself a little bit with getting the magic going.

And then there’s this feat that happened today (too cool not to add to the site):

This will go down in my life as forever having been the week I spent in Los Angeles, although I am now home. I was a part of something really special for a week. I got caught up in it. Hell, if I could find work and residence; I would pack up the kids and go tomorrow. I fell in love with the place. I loved being at Dodger Stadium. I loved the traffic. I loved the weird people. I loved getting to see the kid who wears ‘5’ play a slick field even when he wasn’t getting knocks. I loved hearing ‘I Love L.A.’, and I did love LA.

What an incredible game today. What an incredible week filled with blessings and good fortune.