Judge-a-Mania Energizes a Weary Nation

There was a time in my life – a very short and foolish time – when I thought Aaron Judge sucked. I scoffed at the comparisons to Giancarlo Stanton. I didn’t think he was much more than a big-bodied guy who would hit some tape measure home runs and not much average; with a shitload of strikeouts.

Well, he’s much more than that.

Today, he hit his 19th home run of the season; and it set the all-time Statcast record for hitting the seats at an exit velocity of 121.1 MPH. He had three hits on the day and he’s right now, a .333 hitter.

The Yankees – led by Judge – are kind of a fun team. This has gone on long enough now that they indeed should be considered a real threat in their division and possibly even mentioned in conversation with someone who could unseat the Astros in a long series in the postseason. They can certainly score with them.

And this is Aaron Judge’s team. Formerly the guy I called Mike Judge when he was a prospect. I hope for some reason they don’t get Bryce Harper, because right field should be ‘The Judge’s Chambers” from now until he can no longer play it.

Aaron Judge is exciting as can be; and I criminally underrated him too early.