Is Imports Dragon Figures working on an Aaron Judge figure?

Today on their Facebook Page, Imports Dragon figures posted something very interesting; a scan “fresh out of the lab” asking fans to GUESS WHO?

Now, this sure looks a hell of a lot like Aaron Judge, the guy who is proving to be more unstoppable by the day and who is growing in popularity with every monster home run he hits (he’s definitely our favorite Yankee).

ID Figures wouldn’t really tip their hand, but this sure appears to be Judge (with a backwards helmet for some reason). They did promise that more information about who this is will be coming before 2017 ends.

As a huge collector of their baseball figures, this is a guy that is at the top of my want list for their next player lineup. I don’t own enough Yankees stuff, and this could be the right thing to start building an Aaron Judge collection with. Let’s just hope that it’s in a power hitting pose to do the kid who drops 510 home runs justice and as an extra special request; can we get those classic Yankees pinstripes?

Stay tuned for more news on if this is indeed, the Monster himself Aaron Judge; or an imposter (which would break our hearts).