We want people who love baseball to appreciate Mike Trout more

Mike Trout is on display in the Big Apple this weekend. The New York Times had an awesome article about it. And there were several articles that came out in recent days that basically stated the same premise. Here’s one at Sports on Earth. Here’s another at CBS Sports.

These writers all realize the same thing(s): Mike Trout is a treasure. He’s the face of our sport. He might not be loud or have every tweet promote his brand. But he’s basically our generation’s Mickey Mantle. He’s surpassed Ken Griffey Jr. as the greatest player of our lifetimes if you are around the age of 35 or 40 as I am.

These guys basically say the same thing too; that Trout doesn’t get the attention he should because he plays on the West Coast after kids go to bed, he doesn’t jump at every endorsement, and his team hasn’t played in a deep postseason run to get him the notoriety he deserves. They also point out that right now; at the age of 25, he’s the absolute best he’s ever been.

This post is simply here because we want Mike Trout to be appreciated more on a daily basis. We want you to soak him in. Enjoy him. If you love baseball, please make an effort to appreciate Trout more. He’s a limited commodity for us all. Great things don’t continue on forever.