Mike Trout has homered in four straight

[Angels 5, White Sox 3]

Mike Trout hit the home run (following Calhoun’s three-run bomb that tied it 3-3) that won the Angels this game. It was a virtual certainty that he was homering off Mike Pelfrey last night. It was his 12th of the season. He’s almost currently on a 50 home run pace.

People are writing incredible things about Trout right now by the day – as they should. MLB.com’s Richard Justice puts Trout in the conversation along with several all-time greats, and has the numbers to back it up.

Trout is 25 years old and is about to make the American League All-Star team for the sixth consecutive summer. He has never finished lower than second in AL MVP Award balloting.

Here’s some perspective: In 846 games, Trout’s career WAR of 51.1 is already higher than a few Hall of Famers — Kirby Puckett, Larry Doby and Tony Lazzeri. If Trout’s next 846 games are as good as his first 846, he’ll become just the 33rd player to crack the 100 WAR threshold. And he’ll be just 30 years old.

Babe Ruth is the all-time WAR leader at 183.5, and while Trout may not touch that number, it speaks volumes that we’re even mentioning the two players in the same sentence. In terms of some of the other all-time greats — Willie Mays (156.3), Hank Aaron (142.8), Ted Williams (123.1) — Trout is tracking toward that conversation.

Trout gets Derek Holland tonight to try and homer in a fifth straight out in Anaheim. This is a special time in his career. Soak in every moment.