All-Time ‘Beat the Streak’ leader goes down with…. Ezequiel Carrera

I’ve played’s ‘Beat the Streak’ since 2003. Since I was in college. Longer than I’ve known my wife. My longest streak ever is 18, and it was snapped by David Wright. I’ll never forgive him for it.

This year, a man named Robert Mosley got some notoriety because he broke the all-time record. He was the first guy to enter the 50’s with his streak; and last night he entered with 51. The last two nights he had extended his streak on ninth inning home runs from Bryce Harper and Mike Trout. It really felt like he was meant to break this damn thing and win the $5.7 million dollars that we’ll all never win.

And then, he rolled with Kevin Pillar and Ezequiel Carrera yesterday against the Braves. Pillar isn’t an odd choice, he’s among the hits leaders in all of baseball and hits lead off. But then, there’s Carrera. If I ever reach 51 games and I’m a few nights away from being independently wealthy and I go down with Ezequiel Carrera, please drive to my home and shoot me.

Furthermore, it shows that Mr. Mosley did not know what he was doing. You have to roll with more than Ezequiel friggin’ Carrera in that spot man. Brutal.