Mike Trout is back in Anaheim, doing incredible Mike Trout things

Mike Trout returned from his barking hamstring on Thursday night. His hit streak was snapped, but not for long. In the Angels Friday night victory, Trout put the exclamation point on the game with a two-run homer; his ninth of the season. Trout being back is really good for everyone who loves baseball.

You can tell as Trout rounds the bases, he’s not feeling 100% yet. He’s gutting it out. There was some significance with this home run beyond just the box score and Trout adding to his Hall of Fame legacy. The all-time MLB.com Beat the Streak leader had Trout and was trying to extend his streak to 49 games. That home run by Trout got him to the next night.

The Angels would lose 4-3 on Saturday evening in Anaheim, but Trout tied the game with his 10th home run of the year.

If you’re watching the poor Angels this year, it’s basically sitting around waiting for Trout to do something beyond human belief. He’s come up more times than not so far, even with the Angels sitting a few games under .500 on the year.

We’re really pulling for them to make some kind of improbable run. Trout is going to be in the thick of things in MVP balloting once again. No shocker to anyone there.