I saw a 1-0 game on a cold Cleveland night, with a Miguel Sano home run being the lone score

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I’m not sure in all the games I’ve been to that I’ve ever seen a 1-0 ballgame. Last night in Cleveland it was a cold; about 50-degree night. We sat in the club level, and you could tell early on in the game that the Indians were going to get shut out. Ervin Santana had pretty good stuff. There wasn’t much hard contact made. Maybe three line drives right at the center fielder Byron Buxton and two or three hard ground balls to the right side. Otherwise the Indians couldn’t get anything going.

I forgot my camera, so I did my best to get a few shots on my cell phone just to prove I was there. The seats were alright. Club-level-ish. The food in the Cleveland club level is just okay.

Below was in the first inning, and Josh Tomlin threw a pretty good ballgame. I liked him to get the quality start in this game. He went eight innings, struck out seven, and walked one. He made one fatal mistake in the top of the first and it would live to haunt the Indians all night and lead to their loss.

In the shot below I noticed something new. It’s hard to see but that is the pitch count clock that is loosely enforced at this point. There are 30 seconds on the clock between each pitch that the pitcher is supposed to abide by. This game was over by 9:45, so it was a quick one.

In this shot is Miguel Sano, the star of this game. He homered with two out in the first, riding a rocket to right field out of the park to put the Twins up 1-0. It was his 10th home run of the season.