Sports eLearning has Entered the Baseball Field

Some of us may be firm believer of personal coaching but access to the best coaches may be hard to come by. There are probably thousands of baseball coaches throughout the U.S but getting to the right one is as difficult as moving to a new city and neighborhood, so that your kids or you could learn and train from the best. In the era of digital technology, you might want to consider online learning with baseball. One sports e-learning website comes to mind, called Qoach that provides numerous free baseball training and learning online courses containing hitting techniques, pitching lessons, infield and outfield drills from best curated online videos. Here are some of their most popular baseball courses that let you learn from the best.

Pitching Mechanics and Philosophy for Baseball

This is a quick baseball video course that will help you understand the proper baseball mechanics and philosophy. It is taught by former San Francisco Giant player, Raf Rigueiro and Matt Maher from ProSwing Baseball, a baseball training outfit with centers in Westchester County; Port Chester and Mount Kisco. You can learn the 6 steps to the perfect pitching motion coached via demonstrative videos with on-screen instructions. You should enrol in this course to learn the proper technique to pitch the ball and be a great pitcher.

IMG Academy Baseball Training Series

This 34-video course is coached by experienced coaches at IMG Academy that will truly help you improve your baseball skills and techniques. It offers highly instructional online videos covering variety of drills and lessons for pitcher, hitter, infielder, outfielder and catcher. You will learn the fundamentals of first base play, how to improve your pitching and hitting skills and be the best infielder by practicing ground ball drills. You will also improve your receiving and throwing techniques as an outfielder and your speed for baserunning. IMG Academy is known to produce great baseball players such as Gary Sheffield, Andrew McCutchen, Nomar Garciaparra, Adam Dunn, Josh Hamilton and many more.

Ultimate Guide to Learn Baseball for Beginners

Mainly targeting beginners in baseball, this set of online lessons contains comprehensive baseball tutorials to learn or teach baseball to anyone from young to old. It coaches you on how to use baseball equipment to how to hit a home run. Jory Jensen, is the trainer for this course and he is the former pitcher for Utah Valley University for four years, and is currently an instructor for Rocky Mountain School of Baseball and Hardball, Inc.  

How to Slide in Baseball

Somethings in life we tend to take for granted. Sliding in a game of baseball may be just that. This free instructional baseball course focuses on those who want to learn and improve their sliding technique. It contains as many as 15 online videos that cover the mechanics of executing sliding, different sliding techniques, reading sliding signals such as how to read the pitcher before stealing a base. It even teaches you when and when not to slide and most importantly, shows you how to avoid injuries when sliding. The course is coached by Juan Carlos Landaverde the current coach of men’s baseball and women’s team at Hamilton High in Arizona.

If you’re competing with the rest of the players to get a baseball scholarship and are looking for the edge to improve your skills, try checking out the lessons on Qoach to further improve yourself. The videos on the website are also beneficial to aspiring or current junior coaches to train their own teams. Visit and start taking the online baseball lessons. MLB is drafting soon!