Something about Carlos Correa is off-putting

Yeah, so; I saw this commercial. This guy is Puerto Rican Bryce Harper without the resume.

We owned Correa in fantasy baseball last year. We wanted to love him – we really did. But watching him night over night; he just felt….. totally overrated. Like, decent but not great ballplayer. A guy that had not reached his ceiling yet or something, maybe. But he was nowhere worthy of the hype he was getting and he was clearly not the player who burst on the scene in his rookie season 2015.

But still, we liked Correa. We wanted the best for him. He was Houston’s core cornerstone. Then his agent comes out in Spring Training and says he’s not signing a long-term contract extension. Then Correa tried to ‘clarify’ the position his agent took, like a dishonest snake.

Correa at the moment is hitting .270 with 3 home runs and 12 RBI with a .339 OBP and .423 slugging percentage. He’s had a huge ten days too; so we aren’t doing this post when he’s been in a slump.

I don’t know? He just seems like a guy who has been given everything but a guy who is just a highly potential safe name taken atop a draft but *not* Alex Rodriguez two like some scouts supposedly said. And stop with the commercials and that you won’t resign bullshit talk until you’re more than a pedestrian everyday player. You won’t re-sign with the team that you came up with in the big leagues who took you one overall and played you every day from the time you were young, even when you struggled and cost them ballgames?

What a turd.