The Journey Has Begun

Okay, I am back. I know many have been on the edge of their seats waiting to hear about my journey. I apologize. I forgot the login credentials. It is funny, I can remember numbers like nothing. But when it comes to login details I draw instant blanks. I try to use the memory on Google, if I remember. Well I digress. Let’s talk baseball.

So let’s recap or get caught up (can’t remember what I started with). The league I will mainly discuss is a 12 team keeper weekly points league. It is a pretty deep league so the wavier wire is pretty tight. And as for trades, forget it. Most of these guys would rather go 0 for the season then to do a trade. My team is pretty decent. On offense, I have guys like Votto, Arenando, Carpenter, and Duvall among others. Pitching is anchored by Sale and Fulmer, I have Matz and Nola on my DL. For some reason, I have always had problems with pitching. I tend to go with too many young guys like. I added the likes of Antonio Senzatela and Jordan Montgomery, both have been good but not great. Pitching is key here, did I mention that?

Anyway, after the 4th week I am at 6-6. Sitting in the middle of the pack. The league is a bit different in that even though it is head to head we play 3 games a week. So you can catch up in a hurry. The first 2 weeks were pretty good. Then week 4 happened. Amir Garret couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and Colome blew 2 saves with losses on top of them. Killed me. It was beyond a frustrating week. So we head to week 5 hoping for a rebound. I took a flier on Brett Anderson given his 2 starts this week. And of course I have Garrett going twice. Oh and a start Trevor Bauer. I am not sure if there is a more frustrating player to own then Bauer. Seems to have a ton of talent but can’t seem to get out of his own head. Just when you think he is about to turn a corner BAM! He puts up a clunker. Update: at 8:04 PM EST I have decided to cut all ties with Trevor Bauer. He is bad. I mean real bad. No control and terrible mechanics. Once I do cut him he should rebound and win the CY Young. Update #2 – 5/2 Bauer finishes with -12 points, which is better then the -18 for Brett Anderson who couldn’t get out of the 2nd inning against the Phillies. Oi.

I have optimism. Now I just need results. Hopefully things start to click and the team stays healthy.

So that is a quick catch-up. Stay tuned for a week 5 update. If it gets off to a bad start that may be sooner then later.

If you are on twitter feel free to connect with me there at @7_RLewis