April 2017 has been the best April of Mike Trout’s Career

There are a few days left of April so to speak, but we can call this one a little early. Looking back on past April’s, this is Mike Trout’s strongest by far.

2017: .355/.425/.710, 7 HR, 220 OPS+

2016: .291/.386/.523, 5 HR, 150 OPS+,

2015: .329/.447/.592, 5 HR, 194 OPS+

2014: .321/.403/.596, 6 HR, 180 OPS+

2013: .261/.333/.432, 2 HR, 112 OPS+

2012: only played a couple games

I personally watched Trout almost will the Angels past an unhittable Yu Darvish last night in Texas; but finally the rest of the Angels relented and lost 6-3. Trout was still on base three times.

We don’t write enough about Mike Trout, and he’s going to be going up here more often.